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backup server Do you struggle with ways to best protect all your company's data? Do you have a plan for managing your company's growing data? Is the cost of using WAN as your backup and recovery of remote sites escalating? Are you having issues aligning remote site protection with your business' compliancy requirements and internal policies? Our network consulting services offers secure and storage-optimized data protection for enterprise remote offices. We can combine disk-based backup with global single instance storage to dramatically improve performance and reduce both the storage and bandwidth consumption of backups. By eliminating the costs of tape and backup administration, Our backup servers enable "hands-off" management of remote office data. Contact us to learn how our solutions:

Our backup servers can be customized to provide disk based backup to fit the needs of your company including email, database and file server backups.  Our servers can be customized to not just automated daily backups of your servers, but also your client PC's. 

A typical backup configuration usually provides 7 days of backups,  followed by 3 weekly backups, and 12 monthly backups.  All the files can be accessed by an administrator via a web interface or by mapping a read-only drive to the backup directories.  No more looking for the tape and crossing your fingers that you can restore the data.

Drouillard & Associates also offers offsite backup services to its customers that require the ultimate in disaster contingency planning.  We can even build an offsite backup server for you.

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