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To excel in business, it helps to have excellent partners.  In today's economic times, any way to cut costs is something worth taking a look at.  Drouillard & Associates, Inc. of Canton Michigan provides a broad range of computer consultants, network consulting support, information technology architects and services.

Drouillard & Associates is unique in that we do not partner with any particular hardware or software vendor exclusively.  This will ensure that we maintain our objectivity when deciding what is the best solution to your needs. 

Are you sure your IT strategy is on the right track?

Establishing goals keeps you from drifting through the year and helps you manage your staff more effectively. By setting well-defined goals, as well as determining specific actions you can take to achieve those goals, we can help play an active role in determining the future of your organization and act as catalyst for strategic thinking in your company.   Give us a call and ask to speak to one of our information technology consultants.

Linux and Microsoft Servers

We are proud of our track record in bringing stable, low cost, technology and innovation to solve our clients issues.  We believe that a super techie consultant also has to have corporate strategist abilities to help empower our clients to be successful in today's world.

Are you sure your large or small business company is getting the most from its IT budget?  Linux is a revolutionary Open Source platform that is stable, secure, scalable and powerful; offering businesses the flexibility to innovate for success.  Check out our Linux Servers page for more information about Linux.  Our business process management consulting can help integrate technology into your business.

Web Site Design

The pressures of e-Business, cost and competition are accelerating the pace of business change.  A solid e-Business architecture and custom web site design will gain and maintain loyalty of customers, suppliers and staff.  This is a fundamental requirement for most organizations that want to build and maintain their edge on the competition.  We are not just another one of those web site design companies that do not understand how all the pieces for a successful ecommerce web site design need to come together.

Content Filters and Firewalls

Are your Internet costs out of control? Do your staff spend work time surfing the web, not working? Is corporate e-mail used responsibly? Has another virus or worm affected your company's productivity?  Are you unnecessarily exposed to legal liability by staff e-mail? Who is using your computer system? Do you have the proper internet policies and practices? Does your Web site have the functionality and security you need to conduct business online?  We can help you!

Our goal is to build long-term relationship based on our personal service and attention to your needs.  Click on one of the buttons on the left side to find out more on how we may assist you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a time to talk.  The first half hour telephone consultation is free.

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