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Drouillard & Associates offers business-grade IP PBX built on open source software not built for geeks but enterprise users requiring easy to use, stable and scalable solutions for mission critical applications. Our system can meet the communications needs ranging from 10 people offices with 4 analog trunk lines to companies with thousands of users. Open source offers lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and it does not lock you into a vendor specific and proprietary solution that grows with your business.

Deploying VOIP is easy and installation is usually done in hours. Because of its Web based administration interface as well as the ability of VOIP to put the users in control, ongoing system administration is easily done by a receptionist or similar person. The following examples are intended to give some typical and therefore recommended system configurations. They range from very small deployments at small offices with a few users up to very large and therefore fully redundant deployments serving several thousand users.

Sipx VOIP SMB Deployment

VOIP provides a complete solution to your enterprise telephony needs. The system's architecture lets you easily distribute servers, gateways and intelligence strategically on your network, within one office or among branch offices, for cost savings, high reliability, backup and load balancing. Capabilities such as automatic trunk fail-over and redundancy, high-availability, and least cost routing are must-have features in today's environment.

Sipx VOIP Large Enterprise Deployment

For large companies, VoIP also offers some very unique possibilities. Many larger companies have already switched to VoIP or have plans to do so. The cost of a VoIP system compared to a standard PBX system is a fraction of the cost. Whereas a standard PBX systems starts well above $5000, that same VoIP installation, with even more features, can be done in many cases for under $1000. Some companies utilizing the technology by conducting all intra-office calls through a VoIP network. Because if the network is wired properly (including possibly making use of fiber optic connectivity) the quality of sound far surpasses that of analog service. Some international companies are using VoIP to circumvent the high cost of international calling. Included in this is the ability for the company or it's customers to call a local number and have it routed through VoIP to the country where they also have an office and then hoping the call off of the internet onto the public network in that local country. This allows the company and their customers to pay local rates internationally. It also allow companies with multiple office to utilize the VoIP network and have all inter-office calls, no matter what office each person is in to as if they are calling someone in the next cubicle.

While your current long-distance plan covers you for only one location. With VoIP no matter what type of a device you use you can make a call from anywhere where you can get a broadband connection. That is because all three methods mentioned above, unlike analog calls, send the call information via the Internet. Hence, you can make calls from home, on vacation, on business trips and almost anywhere else. With VoIP, you can bring your home phone along with you anywhere you go. In the same way, computer-to-computer connections imply that as long as you have your laptop and a broadband connection, you are ready to go.

sipXecs Telephony System Features

User Self-Control

Superior Voice Quality

Dial Plan

User Management

PSTN Trunking


High Availability


System Administration Features

Plug & Play Device Management

Voicemail Subsystem

Personal Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants

Hunt Groups

Call Park Server

Call Center Server (ACD)

Group Paging

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