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network Today there's more and more confidential information located online. As a result security has become a number one concern for businesses and governments worldwide. IT Managers responsible for the security of these confidential documents need to have confidence that their systems are in place and working effectively and reliably. Do you have that confidence?

Are your end users the first to know when problems crop up on the network? Find out how we can help detect problems before users do and deliver the seamless service they require with proactive network management. Your applications, client-server, distributed, grid or Web services computing? none of it works without the network.

Drouillard & Associates Network Management services helps you improve the user experience to quickly detect and thwart problems at their source. As your business evolves, don't be caught off guard by unanticipated demands on your infrastructure. Our network management will provide the foundation for a flexible pervasive infrastructure without missing a beat.

Give us a call and ask to speak to one of information technology infrastructure consultants about our network consulting services.  The first 1/2 hour is free.

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