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Linux Servers Are you sure your company is getting the most from its IT budget?  Linux is a revolutionary Open Source platform that is stable, secure, scalable and powerful; offering businesses the flexibility to innovate for success.

An increasing number of business are using Linux in a wide variety of fields, ranging from manufacturing to government to retailers and more.  Because of Linux's 24/7 reliability, scalability, performance, and configurability, it can make a powerful IT resource for any company.

Saving money with Linux is a SECRET.  Ask one of our Linux Consultants how Linux can work with your company in:

Security - Over the last few years Windows comes out with another version promising to be the most secure version ever.  Even if that was so, Linux continues to statistically prove to have fewer critical flaws.

Expandability - Active Directory...Itís expensive. Itís bulky. Itís complicated to deploy. It only runs on Windows. Why put it in your enterprise?  Donít lock into Windows. Go open source.

Cost - How many licenses do you need? Microsoft charges you for the server and then charges you for client access licenses (CALs) for users to access the server.  CALs often end up costing you more than the server licenses. You will not have to ever worry about CAL with our Linux servers, and in most cases the Server Licenses are also free.

Reliability - Imagine a world where reboots were not part of your daily task list. Thatís what Linux can do for you.  Linux, uptime can be measured in years, not hours or days.

Ease of Use - Almost every aspect of a Linux server can be administered via the full featured web interface of Webmin running on each server.

Throughput - one study shows Linux doubles the performance of Windows 2003 on the exact same hardware.

Ask us about how we can switch or integrate Linux in your existing network.  Complete packages start at about $850 including:

For more information about Linux try one of the following links:

For those already running Samba and or Linux please see our Samba Tips & Tricks page.

If your organization has a number of PCs running Microsoftģ Office, there are now several good reasons to seriously consider switching to the OpenOffice.org office suite. Most of these reasons have been supplied by none other than Microsoft itself.  A recent article at InfoWorld describes a few good reasons why you should switch: http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/02/11/11/021111opsource.xml


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