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Organizations are embracing VoIP technology to increase operating efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses. VoIP uses the Internet for phone service, bypassing expensive long-distance communication providers and resulting in significant savings. However, as with most technology advancements, if not set up and deployed correctly a VoIP solution can expose an organization to security breaches, service interruptions and loss of productivity. Sophisticated hackers can infiltrate phone conversations and steal confidential data in the same way they would hack an IT system. Spammers can also use denial of service attacks to render the phone system useless. Deploying a VoIP solution in your organization involves more than simply picking out a router, gateway device and service provider, although these are important decisions. The solution has to make sense for your individual business demands, integrate easily with your existing IT infrastructure and be secure.
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Schools require complete data protection solutions that are simple to use, and designed to meet their unique requirements. Without the right tools, you could face higher IT management costs, more system downtime, and an inability to focus on running the school.

We are able to provide you with reliable, secure and low cost bases solutions for your school with our VOIP Phone PBX's, technology planning and purchasing assistance.

Our Education solutions are one of the most powerful and flexible on the market. Our low cost combined with speed and reliability make us a solution you have to try.

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